• Christina Geiger, Realtor


So I preach about preparing your home for market. What exactly does that mean you may ask? Preparing my home? What is involved? That sounds terrible! Not as bad as it might seem. Simply it means changing bulbs that are burnt out, hide your toothbrush and the 50+ pictures you have of your dog and kids/grandkids. And you might want to consider stashing the clothes hamper. It's about maximizing the appeal for professional photography and ultimately showings. So why is this a big deal? Often buyers are distracted by simple items that are left out or are showcased in photos and then will skip over your home to look at the next one. Simply said people are fickle. If it's too much work for someone to figure out what is going on in a room and it doesn't appeal to them they will simply keep clicking onto the next home. It's after all not a sellers market anymore. This is why I go in and stage EVERY home before pictures and am present for all photo shoots. I might be OCD, well yes in fact I am, but that works in your favor because no home is going to get listed without it looking it's very best on my watch! I view new listings, back on market, etc., every day and am often blown away by some of the images that are used to find a buyer. Yes we are trying to find a buyer. Just like in your single days when you put your nicest shirt on, wore your makeup just so, and spent time fixing your hair. You were looking for that special someone. Your home is looking for that special new someone to love it. It's worth the extra effort. So what are the tips you may ask, here goes.

  1. Most important clean, clean, clean. Everyone is fine with their own dirt but not so much with other peoples dirt. A magic eraser it truly magic. Use it everywhere!

  2. Light it up. Make sure the lights are on and all the bulbs are working. (This is also why you want to clean, more light shows dirt!)

  3. Clear the counters. Clean, uncluttered counters allows the buyer to see what is important, which is the space and not the stuff.

  4. Make sure to eliminate odors. Some smells can be masked by candles others may require an ozonator. Not for pics obviously, but for showings.

  5. Set the table and buy flowers (silk ones are fine). You are selling a lifestyle after all. Small touches like decorative pillows, throws and strategically placed serving trays with cups of tea and a good book, give the buyer a moment where they can imagine their lives there. And this is what you want, someone else to want to live there!

These are my top 5 items to do when you are preparing to sell your home. If you'd like the full list, email us at and we'll send you the official Geiger Team Guide to Preparing Your Home for Professional Photography brochure.




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