July 5, 2017

Welcome to The Geiger Team blog! I have been wanting to do this for some time, we get to do so many amazing things in a day and meet some incredible people along the way, that I genuinely feel it's worth talking about. Rob and I will both be sharing our experiences, today it's me, so here goes....

Rob created a Facebook ad promoting our listing of the amazing Intracoastal Riverfront lot owned by our now friend Bob. Unfortunately, our website was not showing the listing, and would not let me onto the control panel to fix it, so fed up with the flaws of our current site I decided to design an entirely new one using Wix, I saw an ad for it while doing yoga from a You Tube video and it includes the capability to blog!


Yesterday we had a little time away from Realtoring (yes I created a verb) due to the holiday and with memories of the "Let It Go" commercial where the Realtor is driving his clients around in a hooptie, we go car window shopping, since most of the car lots were closed. Our intentions were good, our thinking is to get something that is more economical than our Sierra, yet speedy enough for our liking and something big enough to put open house signs in and fit our clients comfortably. Oh and of course it has to look good, those that know us well know what I'm talking about. One of our first thoughts was of a Cadillac CTS, there was a beautiful blue one that caught our eye at the Cadillac dealership. We braved the heat and went to examine it. We quickly concluded that the orange peel and dust specs in the paint were due to an accident in the mere 12,000 miles that this car had been driven. So, onto the next car lot where there was another that I had saw the day prior. On the way, we drove by the Alpha Romeo car lot, there sat a line of gorgeous new Gulia's. As I'm staring I felt the Jeep turn quickly into the lot, Rob was smitten as well. Can you see where our good intentions were starting to waver? To our surprise the dealership was open at 3:00 on the 4th of July. We were greeted by Willie, a salesperson that notices there is one in particular that has caught our attention, so he quickly grabbed the keys. We sat in the Italian beauty, fitting us both like a glove. Rob's comment was "we might as well drive it", as he said with excitement. The sales person got into the back, while he's giving Rob direction on how to put it into gear he also asked him to move up his seat because his foot was stuck under it and couldn't move. (Hmmm maybe the back seat wasn't so spacious.) So then we cruised down one of the worst roads in Brevard County, Babcock, and it took the potholes and craters surprisingly well. We turned onto Hwy 1, Rob gave her some gas and she responded immediately, holy cow we jumped up to 60 in what felt like a second. If the Audi A5 had been this quick we would have kept it! It is the same engine, but it's not the same at all. Rob said to me, "do you want to drive?" I quickly exclaimed YES! And she did not disappoint, soooo much fun to drive, I don't think I've ever been that impressed by a car, ever. It also felt like one that we would get ourselves into trouble with, well at least one of us would and it wouldn't be me. (wink) Guaranteed we wouldn't be late for a meeting! After much effort from the sales person "trying to earn our business" we walked away with dreams of Gulia's in our heads.
Stay tuned...


From there we went on to preview a property near the river, because no day is complete without looking at a property, even on a holiday. The home was built in 1957 and is zoned for commercial and residential use, so many options here, it had original hard wood floors and is currently being used as a live-in office space. Literally! Each of the 3 offices had a bed next to the desk with a flat screen TV mounted to the wall beside it. Rob and I live, breathe and sleep real estate but sleeping next to your desk is a bit much and exactly what was going on in there? I didn't think to check for video cameras! Despite these oddities, I really liked the property, a lot more than I thought I would.


​So then we ventured to the 4th of July festivities at, our friend and client, Bob's historic riverfront home (where he is selling off .34 of an acre of his ​​riverfront property, call us to find out more). We conversed on the large front porch

with Bob's friends and family members enjoyed the view and the breeze and life slowed down even for just a little while. As Neil (one of Bob's friends of 20+ years) swung on the front porch swing, he told us stories of javelin tossing and football for the Marines, and how he met his recently deceased wife over 50 years ago. What a special night to be included in. I decided to walk down to the dock and watch Bob's son and friends depart by boat with the American flag flying to go watch fireworks under the bridge.

​I then noticed up in the sky a dozen, paratroopers with United States flags attached. What an unexpected site, I feel like by not living on the River ourselves we are missing out on so much. Maybe one day we will have that pleasure.

​At 9:00 we all walked to the end of the 234' dock to watch the annual fireworks show from the 192 Causeway. I was excited since this was Rob and I's first viewing from the river. The show and atmosphere did not disappoint. The breeze coming from the ocean across the river was amazing. Fireworks went off all around us, from the river you get a spectacular view of all the homeowners that have put together their own shows for all to see.

​Our joy was rudely interrupted midway through by a phone call from our alarm company. Our side door to the garage was opened and the alarm is going off at our house. Concerned, we told the alarm company to please send out a Sheriff to make sure all is well. Rob then remembered he might have forgotten to lock the door from earlier in the day and possibly the wind opened it since it doesn't latch well. So we finished the night by meeting 2 deputies at our house, so that they can walk the perimeter of our home and make sure everything is secure. That is the first time for me where my 4th of July ended with the authorities! I'm happy to report that it appeared there were no signs of foul play. We hope that all our friends and family had a safe and memorable 4th of July too!


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