March 29, 2018

There are a lot of choices to be made when you are selling a property. The first obvious choice is whom do you trust to help you sell? As a homeowner you have a lot of real estate agents to choose from. Make sure you do your research. How is the reputation of the company they work for? What are you benefiting from using that particular agent? You should consider interviewing at least two so you have benefits and features to compare. The statistics say that 90% of homeowners choose the first agent they speak with, so make sure the first agent you speak with can do the best job for you. With that said there are a lot of decisions that are made with the assistance of your agent. And one of their jobs is to educate you on the current market and mindset of potential buyers. There is one particular decision (and it's an important one) I'd like to talk about, and that is setting the price for your property. It isn't our job as an agent to tell you the price to list your home. It is our job to educate you on the importance of using comparable sold properties to determine what the market value is of your property. Market value is what buyers are willing to pay, they are the ultimate decision makers. Take a look at the chart below that illustrates well the importance of price. Overpricing is not something that current home buyers overlook. They are well educated when it comes to value and they simply will move on to the next property that is priced well. Setting your price too high makes your home sit on the market longer and potential buyers start to question "what is wrong with this property?" Now you have an uphill battle and most homes that get this stigma end up needing the price cut multiple times in order to grab anyone's attention and often times must go lower than the market value to sell. The hottest time for a listing is in the first week, it creates a feeding frenzy among buyers whom try to beat out their competition, so pricing it correctly at the start is of the utmost importance. The buyers are out there and they are looking, make sure they are looking at your property. If you're interested in what your home is worth in today's steadily growing market call The Geiger Team, Realtors you can trust, at 321.831.9193.



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May 1, 2018

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